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Dating a leo man astrology

The Leo man is warm, confident and somewhat of a showstopper.

He’s very aware that he attracts admirers and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The rest of the time, he lounges with his pride of lionesses. You have to have your own goals, your own dreams and your own vision of the future that is separate from him. He needs to see that you won’t bring it up again either. He’ll walk away and look for another pride or start his own. The harder you resist, the more respect you will get. He’s forever looking for his Lioness, the one who can take care of the cubs while he’s gone, the one who can hunt for herself and doesn’t have a problem sharing with him when he awakens from a long slumber. Be his biggest cheerleader while offering great advice when he’s down. He needs to know that you are loyal, even to the death.Still, he does like romantic gestures and shows of affection that are genuine. The Leo man is not perfect, although he’d like to be.In truth, he can be a bit eccentric and somewhat self-important.

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Curiosity won’t kill him, but it will bring out the jungle cat in him, leaving him no choice but to pursue you.