Dating rickenbacker 4001 bass updating tivoli

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It's in EXCELLENT condition, and in perfect working condition as we have just had it serviced. There is no footswitch, but it still has the original cover.

1973 Rickenbacker B 410 tube guitar amplifier head. There is cosmetic wear, but the amp remains structurally sound.

The dual truss rod system is also stronger in the 4003 and each rod of the 4003 is adjusted like any other guitar truss rod.

The truss rod system of a 40 bass is adjusted differently than other basses and that procedure is covered on this page.

Important: Before you attempt to do any of the following procedures, please carefully and thoroughly read the entire page, then read each section as you do that procedure of your set up.

For best results, do your set up procedures in the same order that they are found on this page.

If you have little or no experience setting up guitars or working with hand tools, I suggest that with the exception of changing strings, you first learn do set ups or any other maintenance and modifications on an inexpensive instrument.

John Hall Designed in 1977, these amps featured a stereo input allowing to plug a stereo cord coming directly from a 4001 bass, for instance, without the need for a Rick-o-Sound splitting box.

Like a lot of other solid state Rickenbacker amplifiers, the schematic can be found on RIC's site. The first two TR120B amps were hand built by George Cole and myself in July or August, 1981 for what it's worth. I don't know when the production run ended however... I currently have the first prototype TR100G Head and the matching S B/G 115PH Alnico speaker cabinet from the late 70's.

(alas, the 6-piezo horns were never put in the production model unfortunately, but does that combination sound fabulous for 12 strings or bass!!!

For Mex & US tho, they are fairly straightforward (or seem to be there`s bound to be an anomaly somewhere). I've seen this one before and just tried it again.

Good site though, just tried all mine, and they all came in as they should have. 70 Gibson EB3 slot 79 Rickenbacker 4001 69 Rickenbacker 4001 70 Ampeg SVT Trace Elliot AH150, Twin Valve, V8, 810 Hartley Thompson Design 410 Reflex. My MIJ 51RI which is circa 2008 is according to that site 1994. It's a guide but I think the Japanese ones tend to confuse the system a bit Errrrmmmm Much as you guys are enjoying this banter.

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I know this may be in the wrong section but it's a start.

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