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Nothing’s included from the 2010 Census yet, though: the data comes the Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey through 2009.

The results highlight important links between marital trends, Social Security, and retirement outcomes and offer insight into some of the characteristics of current and future never-married retirees.

The author is with the Office of Retirement Policy, Office of Policy, Social Security Administration.

Jednoosobową działalność gospodarczą rozpoczęłam w 2008 roku zakładając biuro rachunkowe w Barczewie.

Today the problem of ethnic tolerance, its formation and development, especially among different social groups, is becoming one of the most important social challenges, which makes it particularly interesting for social research.

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The first section, based on data from the Current Population Survey and a review of the academic literature, examines the current circumstances of never-married retirees, particularly their economic and health well-being.

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