Patterson dating service newcastle nsw australia

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Patterson dating service newcastle nsw australia

Paterson Historical Court House Museum, open on Sundays, has a permanent exhibition on Australian poet Dorothy Mackellar, who as a teenager visited the family retreat at nearby Torryburn.

A breaking drought in the area inspired the memorable lines in her famous poem .

As with so many colonial settlements timbercutters, after local supplies of cedar, followed in the footsteps of the explorers and surveyors.

Indeed the Paterson River was then known as the Cedar Arm due to the abundance of timber.

By 1818 there were known to be eight farms along the river, six of them belonging to convicts.

The first known European in the area was the man whose name the town was to adopt, Colonel William Paterson, who, in 1801, surveyed the area beside the river that Governor King named in his honour.

A drinks date covers all the bases: it offers you the chance for a polite escape, while also lending itself to an extended dinner or post-drink activity if things are going well.

Whether you like it shaken or stirred, a fitting location for a first date cocktail is the harbour foreshore, where any gaps in the conversation can be quietly comforted by the picturesque view and the gentle lapping of water against the shoreline.

But before your mind conjures a myriad of possible first-date-disaster scenarios, you should be comforted to know that Newcastle is one of Australia’s best cities for first dates; a charismatic, multi-sided city with something for everyone.

It may seem like a tired cliché, but going for a simple drink on a first date is the most effective way of gauging whether someone could be a potential partner.

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Newcastle is actually Australia’s second oldest city, making it a dating haven for any budding history buff or culture vulture.

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