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Achieving effective pain management requires careful assessment and regular review of the patient’s experience of pain.

As pain is a subjective symptom, pain assessment tools are usually based on the patient’s own perception of his or her pain and its severity.

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Anchoring vignettes have been introduced as an effective tool to correct for such differences.

This paper develops an integrated framework in which objective measurements are used to validate the vignette based corrections.

Put differently, vignette based corrections appear quite effective in bringing objective and subjective measures closer together.

This paper series was made possible by the NIA funded RAND Center for the Study of Aging and the NICHD funded RAND Population Research Center.

For this scale, patients indicate their current level of pain along a 10-cm line with ‘no pain’ at one end and ‘worst pain imaginable’ at the other.

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Moroney, Nathan; Beretta, Giordano HP Laboratories HPL-2011-226 Keyword(s): color naming; crowd-sourcing Abstract: The use of the Web for crowd-sourcing lexical color resources has succeeded in creating databases consisting of millions of color terms.

Because only a small number of mucosal BCC (m BCC) cases have been reported, data on their clinical characteristics and management are limited.

OBJECTIVE: To perform an updated literature review of the management of m BCCs on the lip.

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Visual analog scale Numeric Rating Scale Like the VAS, the numeric rating scale (NRS) is a unidimensional measure of pain intensity. Patients rate their pain on a simple scale marked from 0 to 10, where 0 is ‘no pain’ and 10 is ‘worst pain imaginable’, either verbally or by placing a mark along a line.